In March we had the great pleasure of hosting a group of Malta triathletes in Modica Old Town Rooms during their winter preparation by bicycle in Sicily.

Part of them are arrived in Modica via catamaran (Virtu Ferries) from Pozzallo and another group by plane, from the airports of Comiso and Catania.
The Modica Old Town Rooms staff led the tour in Sicily, during the long cycling training in the areas of Modica, Ragusa and the neighboring provinces.
Vizzini, Palazzolo and Giarratana were the tours and cycling routes most popular by cyclists and triathletes in training, during theirs winter preparation by bike in Sicily, intact roads, very little traffic and zero obstacles.
Too bad that our coach and cycle-tour guide Tony Quinci (who recently participated and won the famous reality show "Milan Rome the Challenge”On TV on Bike Channel) was not in Sicily because he was involved in a great cycling race in Tuscany.
Modica Old Town Rooms Bike friendly backyard
Modica Old Town Rooms Bike friendly backyard

There pool and the athletics track near Modica Old Town Rooms, are perfect for the running and swimming during afternoon training sessions, while the bike friendly courtyard is perfect for parking triathletes' bikes.

If you are looking for B & Bs, hotels, and bicycle friendly guesthouses at affordable prices Guided bike tours or triathlon camp in Sicily in the Modica / Ragusa area, do not hesitate to contact Modica Old Town Rooms.

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