Modica Old Town Rooms

Via Santa, 15, Piazza Matteotti (Map)

(Map) Modica Old Town Rooms, Via Santa, 15, Piazza Matteotti - 97015 - Modica |  TEL 327 85 22 377

Location Modica Old Town Rooms Modica

Location Modica Old Town Rooms Modica
Free Parking Suggested Nearby

Address Modica Old Town Rooms:
Via Santa, 15 (Piazza Matteotti) - 97015 Modica (RG)
GPS Lat .: 36.857643; Long.:14.761095

Suggestion on how to reach Modica Old Town Rooms:
Head towards Piazza Matteotti, Modica Centro Storico / Old Town (Modica Centro). Via Santa is located right next to the church of Santa Maria dell'Annunziata (Carmine).

You will find the entrance of Modica Old Town Rooms in Via Santa 15 (small pedestrian street parallel to the main street).

Follow the directions for Centro Storico / Old Town and / or ask for Modica Bassa.

Free parking:

Free public parking is available nearby at 650 meters, in Viale Medaglie D'Oro.

Parking with blue lines for a fee, is a few meters away. Prices: you pay only during working hours / days 8: 30-13: 30 and from 16 to 20:00, € 0.80 half an hour, € 1.50 1 hour and € 2.40 half day. You can buy the parking ticket at the nearby Tabacchi.

The interurban bus terminal is located in Piazza Falcone-Borsellino (BARYCENTRO ”, Umberto I, 470) 900 meters from Modica Old Town Rooms. Once in Piazza Falcone Borsellino go towards Piazza Matteotti, and you will easily reach on foot in 10/12 minutes Modica Old Town Rooms.

The Modica train station is 800 meters from Modica Old Town Rooms. Upon exiting the station, go towards Corso Umberto / Piazza Matteotti, and you will easily reach Modica Old Town Rooms on foot in about 10 minutes.

How to get to Modica from Catania

By Car Catania Modica: follow the signs for Ragusa along the SS. 115, up to the first junction for Modica Centro.
Catania Modica Train: from Catania it is advisable to take the bus as the train requires a change in Syracuse, the waiting time of which varies according to the connection available on the day of the journey. Journey time from Catania to Syracuse about 1:30, while the Syracuse Modica journey is about 1: 35/1: 50.
Catania Modica Bus: AST Line (Sicilian Transport Company) Catania-Modica or Catania-Donnalucata, takes about 2 hours. Visit the AST website for updated timetables.

By car Syracuse Modica: Highway up to Rosolini, then follow the state road towards Ispica and the signs for Modica. Journey time about 1 hour.

Train Syracuse Modica: The travel time is about 1: 35/1: 50 with 4 or 5 trips a day. To consult the updated timetables, visit the Trenitalia website.

Bus Syracuse Modica: The Syracuse Modica bus takes about 1: 20/1: 40. Consult the updated timetables on the AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) website.

By car Palermo Modica: direction Caltanisetta, Caltagirone, Ragusa, up to the first junction for Modica Centro.

Bus Palermo Modica: travel time about 4 hours, visit the AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) website. The AST stop from which to take the bus to Modica is located in front of the Palermo Centrale railway station.
Palermo Modica Train: Not recommended as the journey includes 3 changes and the journey time from 7 to 11 hours ... It does not seem true but it is so 🙂

By Car Agrigento Modica: Follow the signs for Gela, then Vittoria / Comiso, then Modica. It takes about 2:30.
Bus Agrigento Modica: autolineesas offer a connection service in some periods, which I recommend to contact for timetables or updated information.

Agrigento Modica train: not recommended, over 5 hours

Consult the Virtu Ferries website for timetables and fares for the catamaran from Valletta to Pozzallo. From Pozzallo you have to reach the bus terminal for the AST bus (Azienda Siciliana Trasporti) for Modica.

Places of interest in the historic center of Modica, 

near Modica Old Town Rooms:

  • Cloister of Palazzo San Domenico in Modica

  • Municipality of Modica

  • Municipal Museum of Modica

  • Church of San Pietro

  • Church of San Giorgio

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