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Accommodation In Modica Center For Chocomodica - Modica Chocolate Festival

Just under a month to go before the event that celebrates the famous Modica chocolate and if you are looking for accommodation in a Hotel or B & B / Guest house in the heart of the historic center of Modica, you are in the right place!

ChocoModica 2016 will open its doors from 8 to 11 December, for four days entirely dedicated to this sweet delicacy.

Chocolate is now a universally known and appreciated product, but not everyone knows of its ancient origin.

Just a Modica chocolate is still produced today following a tradition that dates back to the 16th century and derives from the Aztec empire. It was the Spaniards, during their domination in Sicily, to introduce this process in the County of Modica, which at that time represented the most important feudal state in southern Italy. In turn, the Spaniards learned this tradition from the Aztecs, right at the beginning of the 1500s during their conquests.

The Aztec origins go back to an ancient legend that tells of the times when Quetzacoatl, the founding god of the pre-Columbian lineage, ruled Mexico. It is said that a beautiful Aztec princess, left to guard the groom's treasure while he was at war, was attacked by enemies who wanted to force her to tell them where the treasure was. The princess preferred to die rather than reveal the secret; from his blood was born a plant with seeds as bitter as his sufferings, as strong as his virtue and red as his blood. The god Quetzacoatl gave it to men to commemorate the sacrifice of the princess.

The inhabitants of Mexico ground the seeds of cocoa on a stone called "metate", obtaining cocoa butter and obtaining a grainy paste.

The processing of Modica chocolate (in Modica dialect ciucculatta muricana) it is made "cold", without cooking. This is why the product is grainy and crumbly. In cold processing, the cocoa does not pass through the conching phase: the cocoa mass is processed at 40 ° with the addition of granulated sugar; failing to melt or mix, the sugar gives the Modica chocolate its characteristic "rough" appearance with a grainy consistency. The Modica chocolate bar has an uneven brown color, the aroma is that of roasted cocoa, with slightly astringent notes. It is traditionally flavored with cinnamon or vanilla, but chocolate with chilli, carob, coffee, citrus or other flavors can be found easily. The Modica chocolate you can eat it as it is or dissolved in water as a warm winter drink. (Source: Wikipedia)

Historically, chocolate has been handed down as a typical dessert of noble families, who used to prepare it at home for holidays and important occasions; up to the present day, and becoming a confectionery product of widespread consumption and international fame.

Having said all this, one can no longer wait to organize a visit and stay in Modica, in the province of Ragusa, during the Bridge of the Immaculate Conception. If you are looking for accommodation in a central hotel in Modica for those dates, do not hesitate to contact Modica Old Town Rooms.

The Sicilian festival of Artisan chocolate, which takes place in the splendid setting of the historic city center, awaits the many visitors with a rich program of events to discover all the secrets of Modica chocolate, including tastings, workshops and cultural activities in the squares, the prestigious palaces and monuments of the baroque Sicilian UNESCO heritage.

Stay at Modica Old Town Rooms is certainly the right choice among the various possibilities of hotelholiday homebedandbreakfast And landlords.

With us you are guaranteed a living room full Old Town, just a stone's throw from the manifestation from ChocoModica, to be able to fully and comfortably experience the most gluttonous long weekend of the Sicilian autumn!